Early Detection

Early Detection

Why is Early Detection Important?

Today, less than 15 percent of cancer research funding focuses on early detection, even though intervention at the earliest stages dramatically improves a patient’s chance of survival. Using approaches found nowhere else, OneMore scientists and doctors have created a bridge between basic science and clinical research with the goal of saving lives and improving quality of life for patients.

“There have been no improvements, whatsoever, in early detection of pancreatic cancer in the past 20 to 25 years. That’s a problem.” Dr. Von Hoff explains. “Remember, from the day a tumor is born, by the time it grows to eight cells, it goes all over the body. It doesn’t stay localized. It sets up housekeeping. So the earlier you get it, the better chance you have of curing it.”

Routine screenings can saves lives, catching cancerous cells before they begin casting their lines into healthy organs and tissue. With no way to detect it at the earliest stages, pancreatic cancer thwarts attempts to unmask its hiding places until it’s too late.

Today, early detection can mean the difference between life and death. We need a Mammogram for the pancreas! It’s that simple.

Your Impact: Imagining the Future, Today

Your support of OneMore allows Dr. Von Hoff and his colleagues to create a paradigm shift in pancreatic cancer detection, revealing tantalizing prospects for life-saving interventions in a not-too-distant future.

With your support early detection will become a reality. By pursuing the Holy Grail of diagnosing cancer in the five- to 10-year window before it becomes symptomatic, OneMore seizes an historic opportunity to change the practice of medicine. Our goals:

  •    • Advance the science and technology of pancreatic cancer detection
         and diagnosis
  •    • Identify biomarkers for early cancer detection and cancer risk
  •    • Translate technologies into molecular diagnostic tests for early
         cancer detection.

Early detection of pancreatic cancer and its partner —early intervention— will save lives and improve the quality of life for patients. Help us stop pancreatic cancer before it starts.


OneMore focuses on preventing and curing pancreatic cancer by aggressively pursuing the genetic causes of the disease and the rapid translation of new information into more effective treatments.


While OneMore's efforts to cure pancreatic cancer are advancing at an unprecedented rate, funding is needed to continue our unique international effort.

Lee Hanley Hotline

Named after Lee Hanley, the Hotline provides information on all things pancreatic cancer, including research, trials and avenues of support for patients and their families.