Gifts of securities are accepted in person, by mail, or by electronic transfer. It is suggested that the donation is transferred via wire to the TGen Foundation gift clearing account at the brokerages listed below. Neither losses nor gains realized by TGen’s sale of securities after their receipt (nor brokerage fees) will affect the value reported of the gift. 

The TGen Foundation will accept publicly traded securities as outright gifts or as payments toward pledges or life income gifts. In accordance with IRS regulations, such gifts will be valued at the mean market value on the date that the gift is received. The gift date of a security gift is the date the stock is surrendered to the Foundation. In the case of an electronic transfer, the gift date is the date the securities appear in the Foundation account. If the securities are mailed directly to the TGen Foundation, the security is valued as of the postmark date.  

Closely held securities may be accepted by the TGen Foundation with the prior approval of the Foundation President. Closely held stock exceeding $10,000 in value will be valued and recorded at the fair market value placed on it by a qualified independent appraiser as required by the IRS for valuing gifts of non-publicly traded stock. Gifts of closely held stock of $10,000 or less will be valued and recorded at the per-share cash purchase price of the most recent transaction. 

If it is your intention to donate shares to the TGen Foundation, you will need the following info: TGen Foundation Tax Identification Number is 33 -1092191. 

Receiving Firm Information:
Wells Fargo Clearing Service, LLC
Tax ID Number:  23-2384840
ACAT Participant: 0141 

Client Information:
DTCC Number:  0141
Account Name:  Translational Genomics Research Foundation
Account Number: 48232074

Broker contact: 
Gregory Vernon
[email protected] 

In order for your stock transfer to process smoothly, it is imperative that you let us know, preferably in the form of an email or letter, the details of the transfer.  Please send the information to: 

Mia Bean
TGen Foundation
445 N 5th Street, Suite 120
Phoenix, AZ 85004
E-mail: [email protected]

Please provide this information to your personal broker. If you have any questions, please call. 

Thank you very much for your support.