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TGen Talks explores the human genome to tackle the latest science and discoveries in cancer, neurological disorders, rare diseases,
metabolic disorders and infectious disease. Learn about causes and potential cures in our podcast!
Talk Audio/Video Date Details
Episode 20: Turns Out, Rare Isn't So Rare Podcast 10-25-2019
Episode 19: Breathing Life Into Research Podcast 09-19-2019
Episode 18: Stirring Up A Whole Lot of Research Around Valley Fever Podcast 08-20-2019
Episode 17: A Deeper Look at Proteomics Podcast 07-19-2019
Episode 16: Comparative Oncology Provides Deeper Insight into Cancer Podcast 06-20-2019
Episode 15: MindCrowd—A Study on how the Healthy Brain Works Podcast 05-29-2019
Episode 14: Tiny Microbes a Big Deal for Dr. Sarah Highlander Podcast 04-16-2019
Episode 13: AI and Big Data with Dr. Glen Otero Podcast 03-20-2019
Episode 12: TGen Talks — Tracking Neurodegenerative Disorders With Biomarkers Podcast 01-29-2019
Episode 11: TGen Talks — Outside Influence: Stimuli, Epigenomics, and Changing Cell Behavior Podcast 12-13-2018
Episode 10: TGen Talks Takeover - Your Best Advice Podcast 10-26-2018
Did You Know? Postdocs Are People Too Podcast 09-20-2018
Episode 9: Meet Steve, Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Podcast 08-10-2018
Episode 8: Students Takeover Podcast — Discovery Ensues Podcast 07-26-2018
Did You Know? Single Cell Sequencing Podcast 06-14-2018
Episode 7: High-Performance Horsepower with James Lowey Podcast 05-01-2018
Episode 6: Mom-To-Be Makes Ovarian Cancer Discovery Podcast 04-18-2018
Episode 5: Understanding Multiple Myeloma Podcast 03-28-2018
Did You Know? Computer Science vs Lab Science Podcast 03-21-2018
Episode 4: What is CAR T Therapy? Podcast 02-26-2018
Episode 3: The Diagnostic Odyssey Podcast 01-22-2018
Did You Know? Arsenic vs. Glioblastoma Podcast 01-10-2018
Episode 2: Dr. Michael Berens Talks Glioblastoma Podcast 12-18-2017
Episode 1: What is TGen? By Dr. Jeffrey Trent Podcast 12-07-2017
A therapeutic trip: From experience to epigenome - Candace Lewis Video 12-06-2017
Connect the first world to the third world - Dave Engelthaler Video 12-06-2017
TGen Time Lapse - Inside the Supercomputer Video 11-06-2017
WelderUp Cancer Car Drives Hope for Childhood Cancer Patients Video 11-06-2017
Boys & The Hood Video 11-06-2017
TGen Talks: Lung Cancer Video 04-19-2017
TGen Time Lapse - Proteomics Video 04-19-2017
TGen Talks Alzheimers Disease Video 04-19-2017
TGen Talks: Prostate Cancer Video 04-19-2017
TGen Talks Melanoma Video 04-19-2017
TGen Talks Canine Cancer Video 04-19-2017
Lynda Carter wants you to take the MindCrowd quiz Video 04-19-2017
Clarion Builds Takes a Lap Through TGen Laboratories Video 04-19-2017
Dell and TGEN Harness Technology to Accelerate Children’s Cancer Treatments Video 04-19-2017
Whole Exome Sequencing - A Primer for Patients & Parents Video 04-19-2017
Whole Exome Sequencing, Part 2: Analyzing the Data Video 04-19-2017
Modes of Inheritance - Mitochondrial Disorders Video 04-19-2017
Modes of Inheritance - Dominant & Recessive - A Primer for Patients and Parents Video 04-19-2017
Modes of Inheritance - De Novo - A Primer for Patients & Parents Video 04-19-2017
The Hope Fund Video 04-19-2017
TGen, Baylor Research Institute launch precision medicine initiative Video 04-19-2017
TGen Leads the Way in Early Detection of Cancer Video 04-19-2017
Why A Diagnosis Matters Video 04-19-2017
Personalized Medicine Helps Girl Walk Again Video 04-19-2017
TGen Provides Answers to Hauer Family Video 04-19-2017
TGen Talks Valley Fever Video 04-19-2017
TGen Talks Zebrafish Video 07-26-2016

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