Working with our affiliate City of Hope, TGen is aggressively pursuing ways to help patients today – not years from now. City of Hope’s focus on patients places them among the worldwide leaders in administering clinical trials. 

In a given year, City of Hope conducts more than 400 clinical trials enrolling more than 6,000 patients.

By having world-renowned scientists, physicians and treatment manufacturing facilities working side-by-side creates a network that turns breakthrough discoveries into experimental treatments in an accelerated manner.

Many of today’s most effective cancer and disease therapies are based on the results of clinical trials that depend on volunteer patients. By being part of a clinical trial, a patient could benefit from the latest treatments available, treatments that are promising but unproven.

You can access the City of Hope clinical trials database or call 626-218-1133 to find out about clinical trials that are being conducted at City of Hope right away; but before you can participate in a specific trial, you must be seen by a doctor to discuss whether you are eligible. Once a patient has been seen by a City of Hope physician, he or she will be provided with information about treatment and can inquire about clinical trials.


TGen also partners with the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center (VGPCC) Clinical Trials Program at HonorHealth to offer Phase I oncology trials. These clinical trials give options that did not exist before to Phoenix-area patients. The VGPCC Clinical Trials Program conducts clinical trials across a number of cancer types. Further development of cancer specific divisions in pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma are under development.

Patient participation in clinical trials is a necessary component to the research process. According to the National Institutes for Health, only 3% of adults with cancer are participating in clinical trials. At the VGPCC Clinical Trials Program, the clinical trial participation rate is a remarkable 60%.

To inquire about a particular study, please contact Joyce Schaffer, M.S.N., R.N., A.O.C.N.S., the Oncology Nurse Navigator, at 480-323-1364 or 1.877.273.3713. You may also email [email protected].

To view the current clinical trials by clicking here.


The Precision Cancer Therapies Program, a multidisciplinary partnership between TGen and Ochsner, offers the Gulf South region access to the latest in cancer therapeutics, research, and advanced diagnostics. Through the PCTP, patients have access to a broad portfolio of phase 1 and 2 trials, allowing patients to stay closer to home for these ground-breaking, novel therapies. Click here to view a list of current trials.