Shared Resources & Services

TGen offers a variety of resources developed and staffed to meet researchers’ needs for specialized equipment, services or expert consultation. Sharing state-of-the-art equipment and resources, and the expertise to apply them to meaningful research, are foundational to our success at accelerating genomic discoveries toward clinical trials, advancing standards of care, and improving patient outcomes and quality of life.


At TGen, we take pride in collaborating with the brightest minds to solve the most complex diseases facing humanity by harnessing the most advanced technologies available.

Collaborative Sequencing Center

Our platforms provide the investigator with previously unmatched cost saving and turnaround time for performing a wide variety of in-house experiments, including whole genome, exome, and RNA sequencing.

Integrated Mass Spectrometry

From biomarker identification to verification, we can process and analyze hundreds of biomarkers across thousands of patient samples in a single, regulatory-compliant environment.

TGen Clinical Laboratory

The CAP-accredited TGen Clinical Laboratory provides high quality services in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner, enabling health care providers to serve their patients with improved outcomes and researchers to make significant advances in medical science.

Scientific Technology Assessment Research Team

The Scientific Technology Assessment Research Team (START) is a dedicated group at TGen with the aim to accelerate the evaluation of pre-commercial technologies that have the power to broadly impact scientific research at TGen and City of Hope.