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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Precision Medicine for ​Everyone

Our vision at TGen is centered around bridging genomic research with medical advancements that directly impact individuals, their families, and their communities. To achieve this, a working environment that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive to all is essential.

The Goal of DEI

Our goal is to facilitate a more informed conversation at TGen and create avenues for organizational dialogue and learning around diversity, equity and inclusion. We want to ensure everyone is heard and that TGen becomes an even better place to work.

Events & Celebrations

September marks the start of Autumn and a Harvest Moon in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a month that celebrates holidays that mark historical occasions, those that ask us to pause and reflect, and those that honor religious beliefs dating back centuries.

Our Mission

The DEI Council is committed to the core values of respect for all ideas and perspectives, strong community, and mindful listening; and exists to cultivate an environment built on trust, sensitivity, and diversity where all talents, viewpoints, and inquiries are welcome. We will achieve this through related communication and education efforts, helping people understand the consequences of their words and actions, and promoting empathy and connectedness.

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DEI Council Members

Page Bachman — HR Liaison

Krystine Garcia Mansfield — Bioinformatician III

Janita Gordon  Senior Director, Individual Giving

Stephanie Grinage — Vice President, Individual Giving

Kristen Kaus — Manager, Education and Outreach

Joseph Mikhael, M.D. — Professor (Council Chair)

Heini Natri, Ph.D. — Computational Scientist

Sampath Rangasamy, Ph.D. — Associate Professor

Kim Thompson — Specialist, Education and Outreach

Jeff Watkins — Art Director

Sara Wilbur — Clinical Laboratory Supervisor (Council Vice-Chair)

Hayley Yaglom — Genomic Epidemiologist