Our Mission

The Scientific Technology Assessment Research Team (START), led by Stephanie Pond, Ph.D., Vice President of Emerging Technologies, is a dedicated group at TGen with the aim to accelerate the evaluation of pre-commercial technologies that have the power to broadly impact scientific research at TGen and City of Hope.

Our Strategy

  • START is a team of scientists that works with faculty to identify technology gaps and opportunities.
  • We then connect with industry partners outside of TGen and coordinate agreements to enable collaboration.
  • We utilize characterized, biological relevant samples to evaluate new technology with the faculty and leading industry partners.
  • Together we create high-impact pilot projects to demonstrate the impact of new technology on patient health.

Candice Wike, Ph.D.
[email protected]

The Start Team

Candice Wike, Ph.D., START Associate Director
[email protected]

Dean Ellis, Sr. Research Associate
[email protected]

Chaney Jambor, Research Associate II
[email protected]

Stephanie Pond Ph.D.

Vice President, Emerging Technologies

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TGen explores the next-level accuracy of Onso short-read sequencing.

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