Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope

Physician members of OneMore are focused on bringing the breakthroughs in the lab to their cancer patients as rapidly as possible. As new therapies are developed, qualified patients are given access to cutting edge treatments and can participate in a variety of on-going clinical trials.

As discoveries of the underlying genetic causes of the disease and its resistance to traditional treatments are made, OneMore will quickly communicate them to the medical community to the ultimate benefit of patients and their families around the world.

Driving us forward are stories from people whose lives we've touched. Whether from a patient, family member, loved one or friend, these stories of hope provide inspiration to all who share our passion for defeating pancreatic cancer.

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Kathy Wills

Kathy Wills

Scottsdale, Arizona

The day after my mom’s 60th birthday, she was suddenly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given less than 12 months to live. Our family was in complete shock. We found out about TGen Foundation from a doctor she had seen during her treatments - Dr. Von Hoff. He was amazing and gifted. He encouraged us to get involved with TGen. I remember him saying “we keep trying to find a cure because one day, you’ll wake up and there will be one. And from that point forward, ALL patients with pancreatic cancer will be cured!” Those words have inspired me to never give up hope and keep “stepping out” to help raise money for research. We can’t get to that day fast enough!

Beth Katz

Beth Katz

Phoenix, Arizona

Frank Weitz was my hero. He was my teacher, a mentor, a leader, and a fantastic father/grandfather. He retired from teaching, took a trip with his buddies to Costa Rica to go canopying in the jungle and came back with dark urine. He simply thought he ate something bad on his trip. 

A few weeks later he found out he had pancreatic cancer. He survived 23 months after surgery thanks to the wonderful surgical team at TGen. After going through chemo, he said he was "lucky;" he lived 69 years of perfect health until that day. 

He didn't feel sorry for himself rather for the young women/men with breast cancer and other cancers on the chairs next to him. I support OneMore in honor of Frank who was a great man and for the many others who left us too soon.



OneMore focuses on preventing and curing pancreatic cancer by aggressively pursuing the genetic causes of the disease and the rapid translation of new information into more effective treatments.


While OneMore's efforts to cure pancreatic cancer are advancing at an unprecedented rate, funding is needed to continue our unique international effort.

Lee Hanley Hotline

Named after Lee Hanley, the Hotline provides information on all things pancreatic cancer, including research, trials and avenues of support for patients and their families.