Collaborative Sequencing Center


Jonathan Keats, Ph.D.

The Collaborative Sequencing Center (CSC), launched in 2010, acts as the primary next generation sequencing for TGen. It has expertise in nucleic acid extractions, testing and evaluation of protocols, library preparation using various protocols of whole genomes, whole and custom exomes, ChIP, and RNA, as well as sequencing by synthesis on the Illumina platform which encompasses the Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq, HiSeq, and NovaSeq. Since 2010, the CSC has constructed over 20,000 libraries and has generated over 287Tb of raw sequencing data. Additional CSC capabilities include seamless and detailed tracking of samples from receipt to post-sequencing quality control analyses, as well as high throughput platforms to maximize turnaround time and efficiency. The CSC collaborates with investigators to ensure that the most appropriate protocols and sequencing approaches are used for each project.

Jonathan Keats, Ph.D., Director
P: (602) 343-8690