Scientific research has shown that routine blood work can help identify changes in health. So wouldn’t it make sense then that having a way to identify these changes more rapidly and more often would lead to a healthier lifestyle?

TGen clinician Laura Goetz, MD, MPH, believes it can, and to answer that question she and her colleague Nik Schork, PhD, recently launched ION-HEALTH, a 6-month longitudinal pilot study designed to investigate the value in coupling various multi-omic assessments with traditional health screens and survey data.

Study Title: ION-HEALTH* Feasibility Study
*Integration, Optimization, and Networking for Holistic Evaluation of Advances in Longevity Treatments and Health

Study Description: The ION-HEALTH pilot will test algorithms, identify barriers and successes and establish proper workflows for the practice of longitudinal monitoring and multi-omic assessment in a racially and ethnically diverse patient population. The pilot study will provide proof-of-concept data in preparation for a larger clinical trial. There will be no interventions or treatments.

Study Status: Enrolling

Study Contact: Clinical Research Coordinator at: 602-343-8754 or [email protected]

More Informtion:

We are seeking 20 individuals that are 18 years of age or older. Participants must not be currently being treated for cancer.

We expect study participation to last about six months, with approximately 6 monthly study visits. Study activities may include:

  • Providing the study team with information about yourself and your health history.
  • Periodic study sample collections (such as blood, urine, and microbiome samples).
  • Completion of study surveys.

Some of these activities may occur in our clinic during study visits. Others may be requested of you to complete in your home.

Our clinic address is: 3330 N 2nd Street, Suite 402 Phoenix, Arizona 85012

If you have any questions about this study, or would like more information, please contact our study staff at 602-343-8754 or [email protected].