Who We Are

Who We Are

OneMore is an initiative of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) that embraces a comprehensive approach to help pancreatic cancer patients in the near-term and ultimately put an end to this devastating disease.

Using the most advanced tools and technologies available, TGen is determined to develop revolutionary advances in treating and defeating this cancer though a better understanding of the underlying genetic causes of the disease.


OneMore focuses on preventing and curing pancreatic cancer by aggressively pursuing the genetic causes of the disease and the rapid translation of new information into more effective treatments.


While OneMore's efforts to cure pancreatic cancer are advancing at an unprecedented rate, funding is needed to continue our unique international effort.

Lee Hanley Hotline

Named after Lee Hanley, the Hotline provides information on all things pancreatic cancer, including research, trials and avenues of support for patients and their families.