TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council Mission
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TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council Mission

The TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council shapes the future of medicine by funding ground-breaking scientific discoveries and the acceleration of these discoveries into the clinic, to improve patient outcomes and save lives.

How We Make It Happen

Ingrid Haas (2020-2021 Co-Chair), Vicki Vaughn, Robyn DeBell (2020-2021 Co-Chair) Ingrid Haas (2020-2021 Co-Chair), Vicki Vaughn, Robyn DeBell (2020-2021 Co-Chair)

TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council (WPC) aims to provide members with value and meaning through collective learning and action.

Through this empowering and engaging program, council members expand their personal understanding of precision medicine and how it can influence health outcomes for themselves and their loved ones.

Members form friendships and dynamic relationships with a diverse group of like-minded women and TGen’s scientific community helping to bridge the gap between science, medicine and our community.

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Your Impact

Your minimum annual investment of $2,000 supports innovative research in search of early detection and more effective treatments for complex diseases like cancer, neurological disorders, rare childhood disorders, infectious diseases, and diabetes and fibrotic diseases. Each year, members vote to fund one of several promising research projects

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Ms. Hulburd discusses TGen Women's Philanthropy Council

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Contact Us

We are always happy to answer any questions about our program. Request additional information about the TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council.

Connor Hooper
TGen Foundation
445 N. Fifth St. Phoenix, AZ 85004
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Upcoming Events

The Center for Rare Childhood Disorders
Living Room Social | February 17, 2022  

Dr. Vinodh Narayanan; Keri Ramsey BSN, RN; and Dr. Sampath Rangasamy

Who do you turn to when you can’t figure out what’s affecting your child’s health? When finding an answer seems impossible, the Center’s team of experts serve our community by utilizing leading sequencing technologies to provide long-awaited diagnoses and support for children and families.

Presented by Dr. Vinodh Narayanan; Keri Ramsey BSN, RN; and Dr. Sampath Rangasamy

Genomic Early Alert and Response System (TGen-GEARS)
Living Room Social | April 15, 2022  

Dr. David Engelthaler

What if we could identify disease outbreaks at the first two cases? TGen’s Genomic Early Alert and Response System (GEARS) aims to make our community safer by detecting outbreaks and providing actionable intel to healthcare and public health officials.

Presented by Dr. David Engelthaler

The Precision Immunotherapy Project
Living Room Social | September 22, 2022  

Dr. Sunil Sharma

Immunotherapy is a new frontier for cancer treatment. But what if we could expand it to more types of cancer, and make it more precise and more personal? The Precision Immunotherapy Project aims to fuse innovative sequencing, supercharged T cells, and a vaccine to identify and shut down tumor cells.

Presented by Dr. Sunil Sharma

Hands-on Science
Living Room Social | May 19, 2022  

a TGen Faculty Member

A hands-on event for members to experience the fundamentals of TGen’s science.

Presented by a TGen Faculty Member

WPC November Grant Presentation Lunch
Luncheon | November 15, 2022  

WPC Council

The 2022 Women’s Philanthropy Council Grant Award is presented to a TGen research team for their winning proposal.

Presented by WPC Council