Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Only about one in four pancreatic cancer patients survive more than one year after diagnosis, and just 6 percent survive for more than five years. The mission of Dr. Daniel Von Hoff’s clinical trials is to provide one more ray of hope to those patients.

Your support of clinical trials will help OneMore reach and serve more patients.

Just 3 percent of all adults with cancer participate in clinical trials nationwide, according to the National Institutes of Health. The only way to make progress against pancreatic cancer is by increasing participation in these critical trials. The patients who take that step and enroll in clinical trials are those on the front lines, fighting alongside Dr. Von Hoff and the OneMore team.

"I have been extremely fortunate to have many great (and incredibly patient) teachers, mentors, and co-workers," Dr. Von Hoff said. "Truly though I think the greatest teachers and mentors for me have been those I have been privileged to care for."

These patients help establish a new standard of care as OneMore scientists and researchers work to push the bar forward. 

Your financial support of these clinical trials will enable OneMore to reach and enroll more patients and test new and novel therapies. Supporting clinical trials is an investment in a new standard of care and better outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients.


OneMore focuses on preventing and curing pancreatic cancer by aggressively pursuing the genetic causes of the disease and the rapid translation of new information into more effective treatments.


While OneMore's efforts to cure pancreatic cancer are advancing at an unprecedented rate, funding is needed to continue our unique international effort.

Lee Hanley Hotline

Named after Lee Hanley, the Hotline provides information on all things pancreatic cancer, including research, trials and avenues of support for patients and their families.