Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Today, many people turn to the Internet as their first stop for information. Our "Share Your Story" feature provides patients, caregivers and loved ones the opportunity to do just that so others facing similar challenges and situations will know they are not alone.

We want to hear your story.

Tell us what motivates or inspires you. Share your thoughts on what you find works, or what you hope the future may hold. Whatever the reason, we’d like to know.

While we recognize that the situation you face is difficult, we do request that you keep your comments positive.

Please send your story (200 words or less).

Our Mission

The mission of Kirsten’s Legacy is to provide valuable resources to patients and their families while working to cure ACC through identification of new therapies and advancing those discoveries, as quickly as possible, to clinical trials.

How to Get Involved

While ACC is one of most rare and lethal of endocrine cancers, it remains one of the least well funded. Please support our efforts to find new therapies as well as new means of preventing and curing this devastating form of cancer.