Nutritional Resources

Nutritional Resources

When it comes to nutrition and its affects on ACC, it's hard to find consensus on what works best. Most experts agree that sugar is bad, but beyond that, there are many theories but no hard and fast rules on which foods are best for ACC patients. As such, we've included here a few suggestions that may help. These are suggestions only and are not meant to replace the counsel provided by your physician.

A good resource listing is available on the AdrenalCancerSupport website, which offers links to a variety of sources on nutrition, supplements, over-the-counter treatments, and more.

The National Cancer Institute also offers an abundance of information on nutrition in cancer care.

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The mission of Kirsten’s Legacy is to provide valuable resources to patients and their families while working to cure ACC through identification of new therapies and advancing those discoveries, as quickly as possible, to clinical trials.

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While ACC is one of most rare and lethal of endocrine cancers, it remains one of the least well funded. Please support our efforts to find new therapies as well as new means of preventing and curing this devastating form of cancer.