Episode 55: TGen Talks Live (part I)

Nicholas Schork

Nicholas Schork Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor and Director
Quantitative Medicine & Systems Biology Division

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Matt Huentelman

Matt Huentelman Ph.D.

Professor and Director
Neurogenomics Division

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TGen offers listeners a deeper dive into a particular biomedical-related topic or program through its monthly podcast TGen Talks. Each free-flowing episode allows a TGen scientist to connect with a broader audience by explaining the finer details involved in their research at a listener-friendly level.

December’s episode escapes the sound booth for a live event in front of a studio audience. The inaugural TGen Talks Live features Drs. Matthew Huentelman and Nicholas Schork who join our host Karie Dozer for an in-depth conversation on precision aging.

A continuation of TGen’s 20th Anniversary celebrations, the event, hosted by the TGen Foundation and sponsored by Phoenix IDA and Bell Bank, took place at the Center for Positive Media.

Aging encompasses a variety of aspects—both physical and mental—a fact made evident by the topics covered and the research presented. Where Huentelman’s work covers the brain and the more cognitive aspects of aging, Schork’s work focuses on the physical changes we undergo as we age. Topics discussed included how genetics influences aging, current research, lifestyle choices and the benefits of off-the-shelf supplements and whether they live up to the hype.

Can't wait for part II? Catch the full taping on TGen's YouTube channel.