TGen One Health Collaborative seeks to understand the larger health problems of our time by studying the connections between humans, animals, and the environment. We can then apply next-generation technology and knowledge to address these problems in a holistic manner that understands the microbial universe is shared among all living systems.

We work directly with other health researchers, physicians, healthcare workers, and public health officials; wildlife managers, ranchers, and agriculturalists; and environmental health and quality officials to apply these approaches to basic and translational research to maximize health impacts.

Strategic Focus Areas

  • Our approach: Human, Animal, and Environment
  • Population health and genomic epidemiology
  • Antibiotic resistance and healthcare-acquired infections
  • Diagnostic and prognostic tool development and translation
  • Microbial evolution, pathogen dispersal, and emerging infections

Contact Information

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David Engelthaler Ph.D.

Professor and Director
Pathogen and Microbiome Division

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Paul Keim Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor
Pathogen and Microbiome Division

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One Health Collaborative

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