David Engelthaler

David Engelthaler Ph.D.

Professor and Director
Pathogen and Microbiome Division

David Engelthaler Ph.D.

Dave Engelthaler is a professor and the director of the Pathogen and Microbiome Division (aka TGen North). His research team at TGen North has a specific mission to advance human health through the application of pathogen genomic sciences and next generation technologies.  He is also director of the TGen North Clinical Laboratory, and Co-Director of the TGen Integrated Microbiomics Center.

Dave was formerly the State Epidemiologist for Arizona and a biologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He has over 160 peer-reviewed publications and over two dozen patented inventions. Dave's team at TGen North led TGen's emergency response operations to COVID, providing direct support to the residents of Arizona, especially for tribal nations and rural communities. Post-pandemic, his translational research is heavily focused on detecting and tracking outbreaks, characterizing and monitoring drug resistance in tuberculosis patients, and studying disease emergence and pathogen evolution.

Dave received a Ph.D. in Biology from Northern Arizona University with a focus on genomic epidemiology, and a Master’s Degree in Microbiology from Colorado State University, where he studied host-vector-pathogen dynamics.


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