Skip Rimsza says contributions to non-profit TGen help advance global health

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Oct. 27, 2009 - Former Phoenix Mayor Skip Rimsza, who helped attract the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) to Arizona, will lead an effort by the TGen Foundation aimed at providing long-term funding for TGen's cutting-edge research programs.

The TGen Foundation's Board of Directors today named Rimsza the Chairman of the Foundation's Legacy Society, through which he is expected to engage the many individuals whose past support has made TGen a major international biomedical research institute.

Rimsza played a leadership role in the 2002 effort to assure that TGen came to Arizona, and they led the way in building TGen's state-of-the-art headquarters at the center of Phoenix's downtown Biomedical Campus.

Rimsza emphasized that TGen is unique within the sphere of Valley non-profit organizations: "TGen is so special because every day they are making scientific advancements and changing the face of human health, not only locally, but around the world."

Because TGen's findings are made public, Rimsza said, its research discoveries are shared with other scientists across the globe in an effort to conquer diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes that plague humankind.

"TGen has proven to be an extraordinary charitable investment for the thousands of contributors who have supported its many programs,'' Rimsza said. "Those who have been committed to TGen have come to realize that their investment in TGen's cutting-edge research to find cures for a broad range of disease is also an investment in the economic future of Arizona, as evidenced by the recent economic impact report."

A report released Sept. 29 by the independent research firm Tripp Umbach showed that TGen provides Arizona with an annual total economic impact of $77.4 million. The report predicted that TGen's impact would grow to $321 million annually by 2025.

Bennett Dorrance, the TGen Foundation's Board Chairman, praised the board's selection of the former Phoenix leader: "Mayor Rimsza has been one of TGen's biggest advocates since the start, and it is only fitting that he will lead the effort to insure TGen's lasting legacy."

TGen Foundation President Michael Bassoff said that Rimsza's leadership of the Legacy Society would precipitate tremendous community support for TGen: "Mayor Rimsza's strong leadership skills and his broad range of experiences enable him to engage the financial and legal professionals, and to provide additional leadership to TGen's development program. His involvement will help expand the public's awareness of TGen and communicate the advantages of contributing to the institute's scientific research. In creating TGen's Legacy Society, Mayor Rimsza will be galvanizing the support of advocates and ambassadors who wish to create a legacy not only for themselves, but also for TGen."

Among Rimsza's many accomplishments, he was elected three times to serve as Phoenix's 50th and longest-serving mayor (1994-2004). Rimsza, whose family has contributed to TGen for years, was a founding member of the TGen Board of Directors, and subsequently became a founding member of the TGen Foundation Board. The Foundation was established in 2004 to insure long-term community involvement and financial support for TGen's mission.

Rimsza will develop a broad range of special opportunities and activities for members of the Legacy Society. For more information about TGen and the Legacy Society, please contact TGen Foundation Associate Vice President Denise A. McClintic, J.D., LL.M., at 602-343-8611.


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