TGen, Mexican Institute to 'share vision'

TGen, Mexican Institute to 'share vision' in Genomic Research

April 17, 2003

The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) today announced a meeting with the Mexico-based National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMEGEN), aimed at a cooperative research initiative. Also included in the meeting were a number of TGen's key Arizona partners, including representatives from the Mayo Clinic, ASU and the U of A.

Officials from TGen and INMEGEN, which is currently being established in Cuernavaca, met today in Phoenix to begin the development of a "shared scientific vision," said TGen President Jeffrey Trent.

"Genomic research holds great promise for improving human health throughout the world. In this meeting, we hope to take an important step in bringing together some of the best minds in North America to explore ways of pooling our efforts. By sharing expertise, we hope to make significant strides in addressing a number health issues faced by both countries while recognizing that from a genomic medicine standpoint, both populations are unique," Trent said.

Dr. Gerardo Jiménez-Sánchez, director of INMEGEN, in this month's issue of the prestigious journal Science, highlighted this uniqueness in an article on INMEGEN where he noted, "that genomic medicine in Mexico needs to be based on the genetic structure and health demands of the Mexican population, rather than importing applications developed for other populations."

Today's meeting focused on outlining the goals and programs of both institutes and additional meetings are expected to develop specific cooperative projects. It is likely those projects would include research aimed at diabetes and cancer, which are significant problems in both nations.

"We have much to learn from each other and much to offer our nations as we find areas of shared scientific pursuit. I believe this could become a productive collaboration," said José Cárdenas, Chair of the TGen Board of Directors.

TGen is a non-profit biomedical research institute whose mission is to make and translate genomic discoveries into advances in human health, by focusing on the translation of scientific discoveries into medical advances through excellence in research, and an uncompromising commitment to the health and safety of the individual patient.

INMEGEN is the product of a vision embraced by Mexican President Vicente Fox, members of his cabinet and key national leaders who support the utilization of genomic research to alleviate national health problems as they have made genomic medicine a priority of the Mexican government.

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