Dr. Jeffrey Trent Named President and Chief Scientific Officer

Phoenix, Wedneday, June 26 Governor Jane Dee Hull announced today that Dr. Jeffrey Trent, currently Scientific Director of the National Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health, has agreed to accept the leadership position for the newly named Translational Genomics Research Institute (previously known as the Arizona Bioscience and Biomedicine Institute, or ABBI). Dr. Trent joined Governor Hull and Mayor Skip Rimsza for the announcement made during a news conference at the Flinn Foundation in Phoenix. Dr.Trent will assume the role of President and Chief Scientific Officer.

The TGRI will be governed by a board representing a wide coalition of public, private, academic,scientific and business leaders who will concentrate their efforts first on establishing a "100-day plan" of action. This will include establishing a governance infrastructure, securing recruitment and staffing, and developing an operations plan. Dr. Trent's goal is to build the TGRI into a world-class research institute that will focus on applying the science of genomics to finding cures for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders.

"I am delighted to return to Arizona with my family, to participate in this extraordinary statewide initiative to use the science of genomics to accelerate discoveries to cure disease and improve lives," said Dr. Trent. "I am both impressed and thrilled by the collaboration of so many different interests, who have come together for one purpose to create the infrastructure and opportunity to make a profound difference in science and medicine."

Governor Hull applauded the efforts of the many visionaries who worked tirelessly to reach this moment.

"The Translational Genomics Research Institute is a critical step in helping to expand our economic base. It is the cornerstone to building a bioindustry that will serve not only the state of Arizona, but all of mankind. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and we are gratified that Dr. Trent has chosen Arizona to continue his vital work in the area of genomic research."

"With genomics,we will change the face of Phoenix --and with the science it produces,we will help change,extend and save the lives of people everywhere," added Mayor Skip Rimsza."To have this in Copper Square puts Phoenix at the epicenter of a new academia and the premiere scientific field of tomorrow."

"This project is a result of strong leadership and vision,"said Councilman Greg Stanton,chairman of the City Council Education,Youth and Arts Subcommittee. "It will bring good jobs and good wages to Phoenix and will improve the long- term economic vitality of our community."

Dr. Trent has been prominently featured in local and national media for his groundbreaking work on the human genome, and his desire to establish a world-class translational genomics research institute. To that end, an interim board has been established to help lay the groundwork for the future organization of the TGRI.

Members of the interim board include Board Chair Margie Emmerman, Director of the Arizona Department of Commerce; Barbara Barrett, President of Triple Creek Ranch; Dr.Linda J.Blessing, Executive Director, Arizona Board of Regents; Bennett Dorrance, Managing Director, DMB; Peter S. Fine, President and CEO, Banner Health Systems, John W. Murphy, CEO, The Flinn Foundation; and Sheryl Sculley, Assistant Manager, City of Phoenix.

Along with his duties at the TGRI, Dr. Trent will continue to serve as the Senior Scientific Advisor for the International Genomics Consortium, a non-profit medical research foundation established to expand upon the discoveries of Human Genome Project.


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