Episode 62: QIIME in if You’ve Heard This One Before

J Gregory Caporaso

J Gregory Caporaso Ph.D.

Pathogen and Microbiome Division

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The phrase "gut health" has become quite a buzzword in recent years, and researchers like this month's guest will tell you quite candidly that we have a lot to learn about the community of microorganisms that live INSIDE the human body.  But one thing seems to be clear.  The human being with a "healthy gut" is far better able to fight a cancer diagnosis than the human with poor gut health.  Regardless the current standard for a healthy human microbiome, the data being compiled on this relatively new topic is vast.  One TGen researcher is uniquely qualified to analyze and manage such data, and is doing so at TGen North.  Dr. Greg Caporaso is a bioinformatician-- with expertise in both computer science and the human microbiome.  On this episode of TGen talks, he explains how his study of this important body system started not in a pre-med class, but in the computer lab.