Episode 54: Precision Aging

Matt Huentelman

Matt Huentelman Ph.D.

Professor and Director
Neurogenomics Division

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Humans have been searching for the fountain of youth (a mythical endless supply of waters that purport to keep us young forever) for thousands of years—but there’s no such thing in the world of science.
  At TGen, scientists are working toward a virtual fountain of youth, and they call it precision aging.
  On this month’s TGen Talks, Matthew Huentelman, Ph.D., helps us understand precision aging a bit more clearly, as he explains the concepts behind the process, and discusses just a few of the benefits it may hold for our future. This month’s podcast also tees up a first-ever TGen Talks Live event slated for December, where Huentelman and his colleague, Nicholas Schork, Ph.D., join our host Karie Dozer for a deeper dive into precision aging, and how genomics may hold the answers for a longer and healthier life