Episode 41: Takin' it to the Streets- Reimagining Research

Matt Huentelman

Matt Huentelman Ph.D.

Professor and Director
Neurogenomics Division

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You probably already know that TGen is a world leader in genomic research. You may even be able to name one or more research projects that TGen is currently working on, such as Alzheimer's disease, ovarian cancer, or rare childhood disorders. But did you ever stop to think about HOW that research actually happens? Behind the laboratory doors at TGen, scientists are hard at work creating personalized treatments that will help patients of all kinds well into the future.  But the future of medicine may NOT be determined by those who are sick, but those who are well. In this episode of TGen Talks, Dr. Matt Huentelman shares his view on the future of translational medicine and shows us why all of us need to take action to become a part of it.