Stephanie Pond

Stephanie Pond Ph.D.

Vice President, Emerging Technologies

Stephanie Pond Ph.D.

Dr. Stephanie Pond is the Vice President of Emerging Opportunities at TGen and is focused on accelerating the adoption of new technologies into translational medicine.  Dr. Pond oversees TGen’s Scientific Technology Research Team (START) which identifies, evaluates, and transfers transformational technologies into the organization to support TGen’s strategic aims.  Dr. Pond  leads TGen’s Enterprise Directed Programs (EDP),  an initiative to commercialize TGen developed technologies which have a high potential for clinical impact and to accelerate research discoveries from the “bench to bedside” through technology development, technology transfer, industry partnerships, and commercialization.   

Prior to joining TGen, Dr. Pond worked on product development in diverse areas of research such as biophysics, genetics, oncology, forensic science, genetics assay development, and in different environments (academic, small start-up, large biotech company, CLIA laboratories). Her expertise in these areas has focused on method/technology development and transfer of that technology to customers.

Dr. Pond has worked at a number of biotechnology companies including leading the Applied Genomics R&D team at Illumina, co-founding GalaxyWorks, and building research and operational capabilities at Prognosys Biosciences.

Dr. Pond received her BA in Chemistry and Physics from Westminster College and PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Arizona.

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