Carl D'Aquila had an enthusiasm for life that was unparalleled. He faced all of life's obstacles with tenacity and perseverance and his battle with ACC was not an exception. He was diagnosed in May of 2004 in a routine follow up to a previous fight with kidney cancer. He was determined to beat ACC as well, but, unfortunately, the ATAC fund and the ACC program at TGEN was in its infancy. With the continuing wealth of valuable information coming from this important program, it is his families hope that nobody will have to suffer the ravages of ACC in the near future.

Carl struggled through two oral chemotherapy programs, neither of which held any significant statistical success. He ultimately succumbed to ACC in September of 2005.

Despite his unimaginable fatigue, his tremendous sense of humor remained to the end.

He exuded peace, and he made all he knew feel they were the center of his universe. He was an unusually kind, extremely generous, and profoundly religious man, who took immeasurable strength in his faith in God, his family and his many close friends. Of his scores of accomplishments, the love of his family and friends was his most treasured achievement and they, in return, believe Carl was a legend in his own time. Although his passing leaves an overwhelming void in the lives of his wife, his 6 children and their families, and his friends, his incomparable wisdom, passionate voice, and indominate spirit will live on in all of us.

Carl emphatically took on causes that affected mankind in such unfair and cruel ways, he would have battled ACC for everyone if it hadn't taken so much of his energy away, he would be proud you donated to this important cause, and we are all grateful that you took the time to do so.

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