Episode 70: United Against Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma. It’s the most aggressive and least treatable type of brain cancer. Research into treatment has been slow, mostly because of the difficulty in accessing and treating a tumor that exists behind the blood-brain barrier.

A new two year fellowship into Glioblastoma Multiforme, or GBM, aims to better drug therapies to fight the cancer while developing better tests to determine which drugs are working on an individual patient's tumor and which are not. 

The fellowship, established by Shawn Lane and the Lori Lane Foundation together with Chris and Florence Spyrow, honors Lori Lane and Andrew Spyrow, whose lives were cut short by GBM.

This month on TGen Talks, Valerie De Luca, Ph.D., the inaugural Lori Lane/Andrew Spyrow Fellow at TGen discusses her work toward improving our understanding of molecular markers associated with tumor vulnerability to specific drugs.