Episode 65: TGen’s 1K9 Study Investigates COVID in Canines

More than three years after the beginning of the pandemic, humans still spread COVID to one another every day, though with less severe symptoms in most cases. Scientists also know that we can spread COVID to our pets as well, because of the close relationships many of us have with our four-legged friends. While dogs CAN get COVID from humans, they don’t seem to get very SICK. So, what’s the big deal if we spread the virus to our pets?  Can dogs spread it back to humans or to other animals? TGen scientists are looking to answer these and other questions in a new study called the 1000 Canine (1K9) SARS-CoV-2 Surveillance Study … and they’re looking for dogs to participate.  
  Hayley Yaglom, MS, MPH, a genomic epidemiologist who leads TGen North’s One Health team and the 1K9 study joins TGen Talks to discuss the study and how the information gained will help tailor guidance for public health, veterinary professionals, and people interacting with dogs in various settings.