Episode 60: Tracking Infection and Immunity Over Time

John Altin

John Altin Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Pathogen and Microbiome Division

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What if you could take a simple test to find out just how susceptible you are to Covid19, the Flu, or any other virus? What if you could test your exposure and immunity to EVERY virus known to mankind using a single drop of blood?
The technology is here, now. And at TGen, researchers are using it to understand the human immune response and predict and track the next global outbreak.
What's more, the human immune system not only protects us from viruses and pathogens, it can help prevent the onset of deadly diseases triggered by those infections. This month's podcast is an introduction to something called PepSeq (pep-seek), a breakthrough technology that allows scientists at TGen to detect infections by – and immunity to – the entire human virome.