Episode 47: Math Meets Cancer

Cristian Tomasetti

Cristian Tomasetti PhD

Professor and Director
Integrated Cancer Genomics

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Applied mathematics dramatically advanced the field of finance in the 1970’s, where its application allowed for the modeling of financial markets by mathematicians highly skilled in quantitative analytics. Today, these highly sought-after mathematicians are making a name for themselves in the field of applied science as their skills are increasingly providing solutions in many areas of biomedical research. 

The genomic sequencing routinely employed by TGen in precision medicine platforms generates data on a massive scale. Applying mathematical modeling, statistical methods, and machine learning, to these complex datasets has the potential to transform longitudinal (i.e., the same patient sampled over time) genomics data into new predictive biomarkers of disease or response to treatment. 

In the latest edition of TGen Talks, Dr. Cristian Tomasetti discusses his mathematical grounding, how applied mathematics influences modern biology, his work at TGen and City of Hope, and the role of somatic mutations on cancer.

All this and more in under 20 minutes.