Disease Detectives
From strep to influenza to rare fungal infections, we have developed advanced capabilities to assist public health and healthcare officials investigating disease outbreaks in our backyard and around the world.
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Arizona COVID-19 Genomics Union to track the virus 04-08-2020 /news/2020/april/08/arizona-covid-19-genomics-union/
TGen, a Genomic First Responder, ramps up testing against COVID-19 coronavirus 03-30-2020 /news/2020/march/30/tgen-expands-testing-and-tracking-of-covid-19/
TGen and ABL plan global rollout of advanced test for TB, one of the world’s most dea... 07-31-2019 /news/2019/july/31/new-tgen-tb-test-manufacturing-to-start/
TGen and ABL pursue global rollout of advanced TB test 03-18-2019 /news/2019/march/18/tgen-tb-test-to-help-eliminate-disease-worldwide/
Outbreak of paralyzing disease linked to non-polio enterovirus through TGen-led study 01-22-2019 /news/2019/january/22/tgen-led-study-implicates-ev-d68-virus-in-afm-outbreak/
NAU-TGen study finds West Nile Virus now a permanent part of Arizona ecosystem 01-15-2019 /news/2019/january/15/west-nile-virus-here-to-stay-in-arizona/
Flinn Foundation awards ‘Prevent HAARM’ grant to C-Path and TGen 01-08-2019 /news/2019/january/08/400-000-flinn-grant-to-tgen-and-c-path/
TGen North partners with NARBHA Institute to promote human health 11-14-2018 /news/2018/november/14/tgen-one-health-collaborative-connects-human-health-to-the-environment/
How did a deadly tropical fungus get to the temperate environs of the Pacific Northwe... 01-17-2018 /news/2018/january/17/tgen-traces-spread-of-deadly-fungus-to-panama-canal/
Global dispersal of Cryptococcus fungus tied to continental drift 06-14-2017 /news/2017/june/14/global-dispersal-of-cryptococcus-fungus-tied-to-continental-drift/
TGen generates Soviet anthrax pathogen genome from autopsy specimens 09-07-2016 /news/2016/september/07/tgen-generates-soviet-anthrax-pathogen-genome-from-autopsy-specimens/
TGen investigates global fungal threat; finds six new species associated with bat evo... 06-01-2016 /news/2016/june/01/tgen-studies-threat-posed-by-fungus/
TGen tracks the origins and spread of potentially deadly Valley Fever 04-26-2016 /news/2016/april/26/tgen-tracks-spread-of-valley-fever/
TGen identifies 'hypervirulent' strain of strep outbreak in Arizona and the Southwest 03-18-2016 /news/2016/march/18/hypervirulent-strep-outbreak-identified-by-tgen/
TGen helps track down deadly infection 03-17-2016 /news/2016/march/17/tgen-traces-source-of-disease-outbreak/
Epidemic of Escherichia coli infections traced to one strain of bacteria 12-17-2013 /news/2013/december/17/tgen-led-team-discovers-origin-of-e-coli-epidemic/
Fungus responsible for 5 deaths in the wake of massive tornado 12-14-2012 /news/2012/december/14/fungus-responsible-for-5-deaths-in-the-wake-of-massive-tornado/
TGen-led study suggests origins of MRSA strain in food animals 02-22-2012 /news/2012/february/22/tgen-led-study/
TGen and DTU researchers track source of Haitian cholera outbreak 08-11-2011 /news/2011/august/11/tgen-and-dtu/
Deadly bacteria may mimic human proteins to evolve antibiotic resistance 06-01-2011 /news/2011/june/01/deadly-bacteria/