In the age of genomic medicine, our canine companions are helping us more than ever. Because so many of our ailments are shared by our four-legged friends, studying diseases and conditions such as hearing loss, obsessive compulsive disorder and even cancer in dogs can help find answers for humans, too.

No dogs are ever harmed by TGen research. All we need is a little check swab of doggie drool to analyze your pet's DNA. Sign up today!

When it comes to cutting-edge genomic research, dogs truly are scientists' best friends. From hearing loss to cancer, our canine companions suffer many of the same devastating diseases as humans.

Through our Dog and Human Precision Medicine initiative, we are engaged in three significant areas of research in which basic information, a simple DNA cheek swab of dogs could produce medical discoveries that not only benefit the health of our pets, but our own health as well. 

Canine Cancer Research

TGen's studies naturally occurring cancers in dogs to better understand why both pets and people get sick. We use new genetic technologies to develop genetic screens, diagnostic tests and treatments for canine cancers, as well as gain insight into the biology of human disease. For more information, click here.

Program for Canine Health and Performance

TGen's Neurogenomics Lab relies on the study of dog genomics to uncover the causes of neurological and behavioral disorders, including Alzheimer's disease and dementia, epilepsy, hearing loss, inflammation, obsessive-compulsive disorders, lung disorders and obesity. For more information, click here.

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