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  • Posted Monday January 28, 2019

TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council invites inaugural members

Council ‘Fuels the Future of Medicine’ by supporting promising new biomedical research at TGen

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Jan. 28, 2019 — The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope, has created a program especially for women to explore and contribute to the institute’s groundbreaking research.

TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council, co-chaired by Phoenix-area biomedical research advocates Vicki Vaughn and Robyn DeBell, will fuel investment in TGen’s translational research, which helps move scientific discoveries rapidly into advanced patient care.

“TGen’s research has universal impact, and members of the TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council will help bridge the gap between science, medicine and our community by supporting a transformation in modern precision medicine,” said Vaughn.

Through this empowering and engaging program, members not only support great research, they also gain a personal understanding of precision medicine and how it can influence health outcomes for themselves and their loved ones through a unique and informative series of salon-like events,” said DeBell.

Inaugural events start Feb. 21

The inaugural event organized by the TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council is a Living Room Social, where members will meet TGen Deputy Director for Quantitative Sciences Dr. Nicholas Schork, a TGen Distinguished Professor and Director of TGen’s Quantitative Medicine and Systems Biology Program. Dr. Schork will talk about: Aging and Longevity — What is the genetic process of aging, and can we manipulate that process to help us age healthier and live longer?

To join TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council, and register for events, please go to: A minimum annual investment of $2,000 per member will fund TGen research, which council participants will direct through annual votes.

Additional council events for 2019 include:

April 18 — Living Room Social, featuring Dr. Sarah Highlander, a Research Professor in TGen’s Pathogen and Microbiome Division, and Director of TGen’s Clinical Microbiome Services Center. Dr. Highlander will discuss: Exploring the Human Microbiome — How do the microscopic inhabitants of our bodies influence health and disease?

May 23 — Science Seminar: Genomics 101 — From cell structure to genomic sequencing, learn how TGen uses DNA to understand how disease starts, progresses and evades treatment … and how to beat it.

Sept. 26 — Living Room Social, featuring Dr. Matt Huentelman, a Professor in TGen’s Neurogenomics Division, and Scientific Director of TGen’s Center for Rare Childhood Disorders (C4RCD). Dr. Huentelman will discuss: SuperAgers — Do some genetically lucky 80 year-olds hold the key to enhanced cognition, and resistance to Alzheimer’s disease for the rest of us?

“We are excited to launch the TGen Women’s Philanthropy Council, which provides a new avenue for the public to discover TGen and contribute to our research,” said Nadia Rivera, TGen Foundation Vice President of Development for Cancer Programs. “We are so very appreciative of Vicki Vaughn and Robyn DeBell for their leadership of this new program.”

For more information, contact Nadia Rivera at [email protected] or 602-343-8470.

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