Seena Magowitz Home Furnishings Fund

Seena Magowitz Home Furnishings Fund

The Seena Magowitz Home Furnishings Fund was established in 2007 by Roger Magowitz, Founder and Co-chairman of the Seena Magowitz Foundation, and Ray Bojanowski, Co-chairman of the Seena Magowitz Foundation as a tribute to four industry leaders who recently lost their fight against pancreatic cancer. The Fund will continue on in perpetuity to honor all those in the home furnishings industry who lose their life to pancreatic cancer, so they too will be remembered by the industry they loved and the friends who loved them.

The Seena Magowitz Home Furnishings Fund at TGen is launched in honor of Bruce Lauritsen of Flexsteel, Bob Nightengale of the Home Furnishings Council, Fred Friedman of Carls Furniture, and Sam Chase of FabricTech 2000. These industry leaders and friends left behind a legacy of caring, for their families, friends, employees, customers and vendors. These gentlemen were enormously successful, not just in business, but they were rich in all the right ways - they helped others, they made a difference in this world, they took time to hug children and volunteer and help those less fortunate. Their loss was a blow to all who knew them, and the Home Furnishings Industry, collectively and individually, share in their loss. It is to Bruce, Bob, Fred and Sam that the Seena Magowitz Home Furnishings Fund at TGen is dedicated, and The Seena Magowitz Foundation is establishing the fund with a gift of $75,000.

As part of the Home Furnishings Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research, the TGen Foundation's website will honor those in the industry who lose their fight against pancreatic cancer with a photo and a short tribute to their lives, in the hope that contributions made in their memory will provide earlier diagnoses and smarter treatments for all patients battling pancreatic cancer.

The goals of the Seena Magowitz Home Furnishings Fund at TGen are simple to list, but very difficult to accomplish. There are many new treatments for other forms of cancer, because they have had national exposure and lots of research funding. Contributions to the Home Furnishings Fund at TGen will help TGen develop smarter medical treatments. In the future medical treatments for pancreatic cancer will be personalized to each specific patient, who will benefit by getting the right drug - at the right time - and in the right dose, to kill this cancer. And most importantly, TGen wants to develop earlier diagnostics, so that someday we can treat patients as early as possible, before the cancer gets the unfair advantage.

Knowing the agony of losing a loved one to pancreatic cancer, Roger hopes that the furniture and bedding industry will continue to join him in his quest to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. TGen Foundation will utilize this special fund to display a photo and tribute to every person in the Home Furnishings Industry who loses their life to pancreatic cancer, in hopes that contributions made in their memory will help change the course of medical history.

As the fourth leading cause of cancer death, pancreatic cancer claims a higher percentage of lives than any other form of cancer. In the United States, pancreatic cancer is diagnosed in more than 37,000 people every year.

To learn more about TGen's pancreatic cancer research program, please click here.

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