Children's Cancer Fund

Children's Cancer Fund

When children develop cancer, they don't have time to wait. Their cancers move quickly, and the results are often devastating.

But what if there was a system that could quickly analyze a child's tumor and inform the patient's oncologist of the best treatment options based on the child's complete genetic profile?

Thanks to an innovative collaborative partnership between TGen and Dell, patients and their families are finding hope and answers in the "cloud." Children with cancer don't have time for hard drives to be shipped across the nation or around the globe. Their doctors need the information now. Because of Dell's innovative cloud solution, the genomic data of a patient's tumor can reside at TGen and yet be quickly accessed globally by physicians and scientists.

TGen has teamed up with parents and physicians and scientists from the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC) to launch a groundbreaking personalized medicine clinical trial investigation for pediatric cancer. The trial is based on research from a group of collaborating investigators who are developing a personalized medicine process that is intended to permit near "real time" processing of information on patient tumors and prediction of the best drugs for a specific patient.

This process generates more than 200 billion measurements per patient that must be analyzed, share and stored. The computation and analysis of this information can take weeks, even months, to process. The Dell solution and TGen software decreased the data analysis time from 7 days to 4 hours.

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Children's Cancer Fund

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