Barrett-Jackson Research Fund

Barrett-Jackson Research Fund

This year, more than 300,000 Americans will learn they have colon or prostate cancer. More than 85,000 will die.

In 2010, Craig Jackson, Chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company LLC, established the Russ and Brian Jackson Cancer Research Fund at TGen in honor of his father and brother whose lives were cut short by colon cancer.

Craig's vision - along with your support - will enable TGen scientists and physicians to accelerate the development of new diagnostic tests and therapies for patients battling colon and prostate cancer.

More about Colon and Prostate Cancer Research at TGen

Colorectal cancer accounts for almost ten percent of all cancer deaths in the United States. The risk of developing colorectal cancer rises after age 50, and it is common in both men and women. TGen investigators are focused on innovative translational research in the detection and treatment of colorectal cancer. Colon cancer is difficult to diagnose and the development of early diagnostic genetic tests will attack the poor survivability associated with delayed detection. TGen scientists are using sophisticated population-based genomic methods to identify novel genetic alterations associated with cancer risk that could act as diagnostic and prognostic markers, and as potential targets for therapy. They are also leveraging prior knowledge to identify therapeutic targets by characterizing genes and cellular pathways already suggested to be involved either protectively or negatively in colorectal cancer. Using the genetic information learned in the genetic studies, TGen clinical scientists are applying experimental treatment strategies based on the genomic context of individual patients.




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