Adoring mother of two daughters, and beloved wife of 31 years, Nola was diagnosed with ACC following the biopsy of a tumor, which was found on her adrenal gland and removed in April of 2004. The diagnosis/prognosis at that time was not promising but she was a true fighter and had a passion for life that dictated taking whatever means necessary in order to overcome this disease. What followed was two years of chemo and radiation treatment, and two operations for metastasis, which progressively took from her mobility and clarity, but not the will to live. Ultimately ACC proved to be stronger than current medical knowledge/treatment and more than the human body could fight. She succumbed to the disease May 6, 2006, at home, with the people that she loved the most. She remained a true and brave fighter right up until the bitter end. She was a wonderful spirit who touched the souls of all who came in contact with her. Her humble, optimistic attitude was an inspiration to others who were fighting similar illnesses. She was an incredible woman, a true hero, and is greatly missed by the many who knew and loved her. Life is indeed a gift. Semper Fi, my love.

- Gordon Downie

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