My daughter, Linda Jean Chrysler, was diagnosed with Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma in August, 2007. We had to research to find someone to help her with ACC as no one in our large city or another large city knew what to do for this type of cancer. After a lot of research, we learned of Dr. Mike Demeure. That was a real blessing for Linda. Dr. Demeure removed her tumors in September, 2007. From that day forward she has fought to win the battle with this cancer. Her battle was over on May 18, 2007 as she went to be with our Lord at age 49.

Her son, Jason, best tells about his Mom from the article that he wrote for the Orlando Sentinel, and I quote him. "For nearly 50 years, Linda lived a life that was full of compassion and concern for those around her. She often said that she believed her biggest role in life was to be a loving mother. She fulfilled that role well and those who worked with her, went to church with her, and lived with her all felt her motherly touch in their lives. Linda would often tell her family stories of how she prayed for those she worked with that they would get through the personal struggles in their lives with peace. She had many special connections with younger people, and she always made them feel comfortable around her. They knew she was genuinely interested in their lives and well-being. Linda did the best she knew how to base her life on the love of Jesus. Her faith shined brightest in her battle with cancer. She told her family that if someone could understand better who God is because of her battle, then it would be worth it. Linda's life was simple, yet left a profound impact on those who knew her well. Her faith led her to love so many people, and she did that in an extraordinary way. As we grieve the loss of Linda, we hold onto a theme that carried her through the ups and down of her own life, "One Day at a Time." Our lives were better for knowing Linda and we will miss her dearly."

Words could never express how much our family appreciates Dr. Mike Demeure, Troy Richards, Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, Dr. Elizabeth Stephan and the many people at TGen who are working to find a treatment and cure for Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma.

Dr. Mike (as Linda called him) and Troy were always there with an encouraging word for her. Dr. Mike did all he could to help her and guide her in her follow-up treatment. Our family will be forever grateful to Dr. Demeure, Troy and the others at TGen. May God bless each of you, and help you as you strive to find a treatment and cure for this deadly cancer.

- Bobbie Strickland
Linda's "Mama"

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