Born here as a native of Phoenix, AZ, Kelly lived an amazing life that had a heart for others and showed a true joy that only God can bring. Her life was so inspiring, not despite the challenges, but because of them -a redemptive story of triumph through tragedy. She was diagnosed with a temporal-lobe brain tumor back in 1994 that she valiantly fought against for 13 years. It wasn't until after her 6th surgery that a new reality had transformed. Only but a couple of months later, she peacefully passed away at home just after her 38th birthday.

It was a divine honor to have been married to my best friend for a precious 4 1/2 years and enjoyed an amazing relationship of true love, purpose, and devotion. Her surviving beloved family includes her son (who just became a teenager at the time of Kelly's passing); her sister, her parents, and her grandmother; all of whom also live here in the Valley of the Sun.

Kelly was a "retired" hairstylist and a talented artist. When she wasn't with family or friends, you could find her joyfully painting, scrap booking, or hand making cards. Her gift in poetry was a powerful means of expressing her life's struggles and triumphs. She also loved taking great care of her dear little Cavalier "Comfort" Spaniel, Ollie.

After her first surgery, Kelly served as a volunteer in the hospital and later at a nursing home. She wanted nothing more than for her life, as well as her death, to be a means of helping and inspiring others. One of Kelly's passions was to support continued research, like TGen, and her memorial fund is a wonderful means of this fulfillment.

- Gary Hauwert

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