Dr. Robert Valgento, MD was an intelligent and compassionate cardiothoracic anesthesiologist trained at the Cleveland Clinic and working in Arizona since 1990. Dr. Valgento was born in NJ and attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry, graduating in 1985. Dr. Bob was a devoted father, husband and friend. He enjoyed traveling with his family, missions work, the stock market, medical research, and helping others.

He was full of joy and always maintained a positive attitude during his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. He was an inspiration to his patients, colleagues and to the medical professionals who treated him. His intelligence, empathy, and genuine regard for others contributed to him being an outstanding physician and individual. His legacy will be his keen interest in medical discovery, his stellar character, the happiness and strength he displayed in the midst of his illness and the family he loved unconditionally.

Dr. Valgento also lost a brother to pancreatic cancer at 49 years old, John Patrick Valgento. John Patrick was a teacher in the Arizona prison system and shared Robert's belief in the intrinsic value of individuals. These brothers shared a love of life and their unique personalities will be long remembered. They also shared genetics which predisposed them to pancreatic cancer. Your donations will help solve the genetic puzzle of this deadly disease which is greatly underfunded. Robert believed strongly in the research of Dr. Von Hoff and TGen and we appreciate your support of pancreatic cancer research. Thank you for your donation in loving memory of Dr. Bob. If asked, I am sure Bob would say he is "doing great" and would thank you for your friendship and sharing your life with him.

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