Ann loved and cherished many people during her lifetime…her family…her community…and so dearly her friends.

Ann embraced life to the fullest and had an incredible commitment to excellence that embodied her character and everything she stood for. She was kind and never judgmental or opinionated. She was accepting of all and brought many people together. Ann's gentleness and simplicity found the true values in life. She was like an angel, sent to show others how to live, how to teach, how to give and most importantly, to guide those who knew her with her light of love.

We hope that those who knew Ann will go forward with their own personal journey and take her with them. We hope that when they go into the world, they not only take but embrace Ann's determination, and remember that she never gave up.

We are especially thankful to those who supported and nurtured Ann with their constant prayers and love during her two and a half year journey that she bravely battled adrenocortical cancer.

We take comfort in knowing that Ann spent her final days with us during the wondrous and glorious season of Christmas love…a season filled to the brim with God's enduring love for us all.

She is our angel.

- Remarks of Remembrance, Mommy and Daddy

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