A Legacy to Remember

A Legacy to Remember

TGen establishes endowed professorship to honor Sen. John McCain

U.S. Sen. John McCain's remarkable record of leadership embodies his unwavering lifetime commitment to service. With his passing, TGen lost a friend, supporter and advocate.

In 2002, the senator called on Dr. Jeffrey Trent to meet with him in his Washington Office. Once there, the Senator convinced him to return to Arizona and bring this new knowledge with him, establishing TGen in an effort to turn breakthroughs in genetic research into medical advances.

Today, TGen is poised to take that knowledge and transform brain cancer research in honor of Senator McCain through the establishment of the John S. McCain III Endowed Professorship in Brain Cancer Research — TGen’s first endowed faculty position.

“The establishment of this endowed professorship is a fitting tribute to a man who worked determinedly to help TGen take root in Arizona. We have wanted to recognize Senator McCain for many years, and have worked closely with the family and close friends in creating something special, something appropriate, and something that speaks to the Senator’s impact on our work,” said Dr. Trent, TGen President and Research Director.

In its inaugural phase, the John S. McCain III Endowed Professorship in Brain Cancer Research will recruit a nationally acclaimed scientist recognized for trailblazing leadership and innovation in brain cancer research, who also actively promotes excellence in training the next generation of leaders within the field.

The holder of the professorship will be an innovative investigator who, much like the Senator, embodies a “maverick” spirit to drive unconventional, outside-the-box research. This individual will be part of a world-class translational brain cancer research program in our community committed to pursuing effective clinical applications that set new standards of patient care for brain cancer.

“Our family is honored that TGen has agreed to pay tribute to John through this endowed professorship. It shows the world our commitment to fighting this disease, and lets brain cancer patients know that they are not alone,” said Sen. McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain.

The professorship will also focus a significant percentage of time on education and training, recognizing that to fully realize TGen's mission of delivering precision medicine to patients, it is important to invest in the development of the next generation of researchers and physicians.

While TGen continues to be successful in attracting quality researchers, it is this pairing of established faculty with up-and-coming talent that allows the institute to remain at the forefront of biomedical research in the field of neurogenomics. The Professorship holder will elevate training to a new level, and with a focus solely on brain cancer. Transferring knowledge in this manner will ensure work in the Senator’s honor continues for generations to come.

The Moment is Now

An endowed professorship is the highest honor TGen can bestow upon a member of its faculty. The title recognizes the efforts of a premier scientist while pairing the name of Senator McCain with an innovator in the field of brain cancer research. Supporting the John S. McCain III Endowed Professorship in Brain Cancer Research ensures that TGen remains at the forefront of progress against this disease while transforming patient care.

In receiving the Liberty Medal in 2017 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Sen. McCain reflected on his 60 years of public service: “I’ve tried to deserve the privilege as best I can, and I’ve been repaid a thousand times over with adventures, with good company and with the satisfaction of serving something more important than myself.”

Support the John S. McCain III Endowed Professorship in Brain Cancer Research today.