Raffaella Soldi

Raffaella Soldi Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor
Applied Cancer Research and Drug Discovery Division

Raffaella Soldi Ph.D.

Raffella Soldi, PHD is a Research Associate Professor in the Applied Cancer Research and Drug Discovery Division.  Before joining TGen, Dr. Soldi was the Director of Biology at Beta Cat Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company which Sunil Sharma, MD, FACP, MBA co-founded.  She was a Senior Research Associate at Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah. Dr. Soldi received her BS in Biology at the University of Turin, Italy, and received her PhD in Biochemistry and Cellular Biotechnology from the University of Turin, Italy.

Dr. Soldi brings 25 years of broad-based research experience in molecular biology, cellular biology and biochemistry, 7 years of pharmacology research experience focused on genomics, functional genomics, translational research, biomarker discovery and pharmacodynamics.  Her research focuses on translational and preclinical studies on human cancer with ultimate goals to develop molecularly-targeted therapeutic strategies to treat human malignancies.

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