Elizabeth Driebe

Elizabeth Driebe MS

Director of Operations
TGen North

Elizabeth Driebe MS

Elizabeth Driebe is the Director of Operations at TGen North and has led science programs and developed operational systems to make TGen’s science happen for over 18 years. Before coming to TGen, Elizabeth worked at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. She brought her public health and public service passion to TGen and helped ensure that TGen’s science is translated to both patients and populations. Elizabeth has led multiple projects on healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial resistance through collaborations with the CDC, local health departments, and multiple healthcare institutions. She has co-authored three dozen papers and is a named co-inventor on numerous patents.

Critically, Elizabeth has helped transformed TGen North into a public health and healthcare center, coordinating the development of a new CLIA diagnostic lab and a high throughput sequencing center; as such, TGen was prepared to respond to the COVID pandemic when it began in January 2020. Elizabeth directly oversaw many of the day-to-day emergency operations during the pandemic where next generation testing and sequencing was brought to the populations that needed it most, including those throughout rural Arizona and several native American communities, those in shelters, the institutionalized, and the incarcerated.

Prior to joining TGen, Elizabeth had a multidisciplinary career, including working at the Georgia Fish and Wildlife Co-Op Unit, teaching English in Taiwan, getting a master’s degree in ecology from NAU, being a study coordinator at the CDC, and working on Alzheimer’s disease as a PhD student.

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