Grace Dewyer
Grace Dewyer
Helios Scholar

School: Duke University

Hometown: Glendale, Arizona

Mentor: Amanda Lim, MA

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Designing a professional & scientific training module for academic year interns

INTRO: Since the beginning of the pandemic, online learning and hybrid classes have become a new norm for students. Like many institutes, TGen switched gears during the summer of 2020 to host a virtual Helios Scholar at TGen training program. The Education and Outreach team will utilize the materials from summer 2020 to create a virtual training program for future academic year interns. Seminars addressing professional development and scientific skills will add a valuable component to their time as an intern at TGen that they did not have in previous years. 

PROJECT AIM: Design a professional and scientific training program with a community service component for the academic year interns to complete alongside their work at TGen will better prepare the interns for their future careers in the biosciences. 

PROJECT DETAILS: The materials used to build this training program include video recordings from the 2020 Virtual Helios Scholar Program. The footage from this program has been edited and formatted to fit a more professional look. The edited videos have been converted to a module format with embedded quiz questions on a platform called EdPuzzle, which allows free access and is user-friendly. This format allows the participant to take part in the program at their own pace. In addition, the interns will have one component taking place in person. They will conduct mini lab workshops with students between 7th and 12th grade, allowing the interns to build professional and leadership skills and enable TGen to increase its presence in the community.  

EVALUATION: After completing the program, interns will fill out a post survey. Facilitators will use this to determine if the interns feel that this training program has enhanced their learning experience at TGen and better prepared them for their futures. From there, adjustments will be made for future academic year intern programs.  

CONCLUSION: Post pandemic, this project will continue utilizing an online learning module to facilitate the growth of the academic year program, thus strengthening the support the Education and Outreach team provides to interns at TGen throughout the academic year.