The Mobile Brain Health Laboratory - Neuroscience in your Neighborhood

In just one hour of your time, you can help us learn more about your brain and help science. 


What to Expect

  • A short memory and attention activity
  • A test of your ability to detect certain scents
  • A measurement of your grip strength, blood pressure, and body composition
  • A small blood collection (a few drops of blood, similar to a finger prick)
  • A brain scan in our mobile magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner

Our MRI is not intended to diagnose any medical problems and is meant to gather data for our research.

A Token of Our Appreciation

You will receive $20 for your time. We will also send you 3D-printed model of your brain!

Your Privacy Is Very Important to Us

To the extent permitted by law, all personal information collected during this study will be kept confidential. We have many systems in place to protect your privacy.

Benefits and Risks

The MRI scanner uses powerful magnets. You should not participate in the study if you have metal implants, prosthetics, aneurism clips, cardiac pacemakers, deep brain stimulators, or similar. There is a slight risk that you may feel claustrophobic during your MRI scan. The capillary blood collection has a minor risk of pain, soreness, or bruising. 

It is not expected that you will personally benefit from this research, but we hope it will help others in the future. Together, we can learn more about the brain.

Sharing Helps Science

Sharing research data with other scientists helps advance scientific progress. We may share data from this study with other researchers,
but we will not share anything that directly identifies you (like your name or date of birth).


Contact the study team at 602-343-8653 or [email protected].

If you have questions about your rights as a research participant in this study, you may contact WCG IRB at 855-818-2289 or [email protected]. They can also speak with you if you have concerns or complaints that you would like to discuss with someone other than the study team. Download this information as a PDF here.