TGen has joined forces with City of Hope to accelerate the speed at which scientists and medical staff convert research discoveries into cures for patients.

The alliance is based on a simple premise: City of Hope provides a state-of-the-art clinical setting in which to advance genomic breakthroughs made by TGen.

It is a collaboration that plays to the strengths of each organization. City of Hope is a pioneer in the fields of bone marrow transplantation, hematologic malignancies, select solid tumors and diabetes. TGen, meanwhile, is a leader in applying genomic analysis and bioinformatics to cancer drug development.

Together, we are transforming the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

It's all part of the organizations' efforts to augment their expertise in precision medicine, a rapidly evolving approach toward using an individual’s underlying genetic profile to guide clinical decisions, whether preventing, diagnosing, or treating disease.

This alliance provides City of Hope with access to TGen's innovative genomics technologies, accelerating the speed with which scientific and medical staff can advance research discoveries into the clinic to benefit patients.


Precision medicine has emerged as a primary approach for disease prevention and treatment for complex conditions.

Precision medicine is being explored for conditions such as cancer, neurological disorders and diabetes, to name a few.

  • Researchers use individual variations in genes, environment, and lifestyle to develop diagnostics, prognostics and therapies to target, treat and monitor chronic and life- threatening conditions.
  • The ability to better diagnose, treat, cure and prevent diseases depends on:
  • Understanding the genetic cause of the diseases
  • Understanding why individuals respond to different therapies
  • Understanding who is at highest risk for different diseases
  • Translating this information into new targeted diagnostic tests, therapeutics and the ability to detect disease early and track its progression specific to the individual.

City of Hope and TGen's combined strengths will propel us to the forefront of this emerging field.

Impact of the TGen Alliance | City of Hope

City of Hope's Steven T. Rosen, M.D., comments on the alliance between City of Hope and Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) .

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