Sequencing Costs

We strive to provide all researchers with access to cost effective short and long-read sequencing.

Client Support
  • Users can provide pre-made platform compatible pools of sequencing libraries.

  • The units of service vary depending on the platform scale. For the high-throughput NovaSeq X Plus we sell individual lanes of 300 cycle sequencing on the 10B and 25B flow cells to support standard assays: genomes, exomes, RNAseq, scRNAseq. For specific needs we also recommend 10B-100 cycle kits for cost-effective, single-cell assays or RRBS needs, but we request that the user fill all 8 lanes. For smaller scale rapid turnaround needs we recommend 1.5B kits, with users providing pools to fill both lanes.

  • Please contact the CSC at [email protected] for additional information, formal quotes and questions about additional services.

  • Download complete list of services below.

Academic Sequencing

Sequencing services include pool QC and electronic data return. Stocked for Immediate Usage:

$1,678.74 — Illumina NovaSeq X Plus 10B (300 Cycles) – Lane
$2,883.17 — Illumina NovaSeq X Plus 25B (300 Cycles) – Lane
$1,494.63 — Oxford Nanopore PromethION R.10.4.1 - Flow cell
$1,834.85 — PacBio Revio - SMRT-Cell

* Please enquire for specific quotes. Cost estimates are updated yearly on the 1st of April.

Sequencing Library Prep
  • We support the generation of whole genome libraries (PCR-free or amplified), Exome capture using kits from Twist Biosciences, and RNA (mRNA or ribosome depletion)
  • Library prep services include full QC of any produced library
Nucleic Acid Isolations
  • We provide support for DNA, RNA or dual DNA/RNA isolations
2024 Academic Price List
Sequencing Costs