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The CSC strives to provide TGen investigators and researchers around the world access to innovative platforms and validated assay services.

Client Support

Users can provide samples for sequencing at multiple levels: from unprocessed tissue, isolated DNA or RNA, or premade platform compatible sequencing libraries. Depending on the submission scale, PCR-free human whole genome sequencing services with 30x analytical coverage (~107Gb) from isolated DNA can be as low as $510 today for batches in increments of 48 samples.


Short-read next-generation sequencing platforms

Illumina NovaSeq X Plus

  • We stock 10B and 25B 300 cycle flow cells and sell individual lanes. Other flowcells can be ordered, but your request will need to use the entire flow cell.
  • For the fastest turnaround we recommend 10B lanes.
  • For most cost effective sequencing we recommend 25B lanes.

Illumina iSeq100

PacBio Onso

  • We stock 300 cycle kits.

Long-read third generation sequencing platforms

Oxford Nanopore PromethION

  • Includes up to three loadings over 72 hour run

PacBio Revio

  • Options for 16, 24, or 30 hr movies.


For both short read and long read sequencing applications we provide sequencing library preparation services for a variety of common applications.

Illumina Short Read

  Genome, PCR-free or amplified
  Exome/Target Capture

  • Libraries can be created with adaptors containing inline Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMI) for high accuracy duplex sequencing or standard, non-UMI, adaptors
  • We stock Twist Bioscience Exome 2.0
  • Please contact us for custom capture needs

  RNA, ribosomal depleted or mRNA

  PacBio Onso Short Reads

  • Genome (PCR-free)

  Oxford Nanopore PromethION Long-reads

  • Genome, Ultra-long (genome assembly)
  • Genome, Native (unfragmented), typical N50 ~ 35kb
  • Genome, fragmented (target lengths of 10kb or 20kb)
         - Maximum yield per PromethION flow cell
  PacBio Revio HiFi long reads
  • Genome, fragmented SMRT-bell library (target lengths of 18-22kb)
  • RNA, Kinnex Full Length RNA library
         - 1-12 sample multiplexing, 4-plex recommended.

  • All isolations include full quality control
  Nanodrop concentration, 260/280, 260/230
  Fluorescent concentration (dsDNA or RNA)
  Tapestation or Femtopulse as appropriate

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