Episode 50: The World of Pathogens

Episode 50: The World of Pathogens

David Engelthaler

David Engelthaler Ph.D.

Professor and Director
Pathogen and Microbiome Division

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This episode of TGen Talks takes the listener along I-17 from Phoenix to Flagstaff, where our host, Karie Dozer, sits down with David Engelthaler, Ph.D., professor and director of TGen’s Pathogen and Microbiome Division, more commonly known as TGen North.
  Whereas TGen uses genomics to solve complex problems such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease, the scientists at TGen North use these same tools and technology to focus on infectious disease … the microbes, the bacteria, the viruses, the fungi that cause some of the greatest problems around the world. 
  Engelthaler provides the listener an inside look at the research underway across the division, and the community work with different tribal nations and hospitals to understand what’s most important to them and how TGen North can apply their expertise to support those needs.
  Whether it's Cryptococcus, tuberculosis, superbugs in our hospitals, or other bad things like plague, West Nile, Valley fever, COVID, or the latest efforts around pathogen intelligence, TGen North’s goal is and always has been to rapidly identify and help stop the spread of potentially dangerous outbreaks.
  All this and more, on TGen Talks.